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Burt the Bear traveled to NYC and joined the cast of SNL, Saturday Night Live in 2010 for the sketch:

Hop Hop Kids: Bear Cave

Watch the video on the NBC site
animatronic bear costume  

Burt traveled to the Land Down Under for this cell phone PSA from Nokia.

Coming to an Australian theater near you!

(4 Meg MOV)

realistic bear suit veteran bear actor  

Burt filmed in the Carolinas

for a series of posters for a Hospital Handwashing Campaign.

 veteran bear performer .. veteran bear puppeteer    "Bear Hands" created by George Fulton Productions.

costume dell'orso

Promo spot by Mercurio Film for Sky Choice

filmed in beautiful Milan, Italy

Sky Pesca (3m MPG)


 trained performing bear

Burt co-starred in this ad campaign for Chocolate Skittles:



Animatronic Bear Puppeteer
Honeycomb Bee Boy: Zoo 

Burt as an innocent zoo bear in this creative advert by

Sons and Daughters Film Production of Toronto

Video Link: <coming>
Still Photos: < Pic 2>  < Pic 3>  

Veteran Bear Performer
Good Idea / Bad Idea: BEAR

Burt as the sleeping bear in an ad for  CarMax
by Butler Films of Baltimore

Video Link: <coming>
Still Photos: < here >

Animatronic Bears
Burt about to enjoy a honey flavored meal

for Awkward Pictures of Los Angeles

Comedy Gumbo Ep 10: Bonerz

Check out the video on YouTube

bear impersonator

Burt as a Louisiana Black Bear

Series of ads for Bohn Bros auto dealerships

by Rhino Marketing in Houston Texas

The Bohn Zone (2meg wmv format)


artificial bears

Burt's European Adventures continue in

"Trust the Natives" 10m MPG video by

Reload Film, Bucharest Romania &
Woodpecker Film, Helsinki, Finland

End Client: Nokian Tyres

No- that's not me at the end- a local actor was used for the reveal scene. Matt remains unseen still! --- Behind the scenes: Photo #1 / Photo #2


animatronic bear suits

Burt & our Rental Grizzly as sloppy college bruins by Reel Impact of St. Louis. One of the four bear suits was from an unsporting competitor who insisted we remove the video from our site. Instead we just edited out his silly old bear. ;-)

Ah well, sooo much for friendly competition!

17meg MOV - - - 21 meg MP4

bear puppeteer

Lounge Bear Burt hangs out at
Mont Bleu Casino Resort in Lake Tahoe

Spots by...
Sticks & Stones Productions, Los Angeles  

:30 The Bar (7m QuickTime Video)

:30 The Bathroom (7m QuickTime Video)


veteran bear performer

Comic specs for Bayer Aspirin
from the creative of Galbis Design in NYC

Bayer Kitchen (3 meg QuickTime)

Bayer Office (2 meg QuickTime)


bear impersonator

Sunset Cottage Tourist Bears

Pigeon Forge, TN still shoot by & for client:

"Accommodations by Sunset"


bear double

Burt goes "Human Wrestling"

"What would you do to get $686?" Bear Wrestling spot by NFL Films. Small QuickTime vid ( .7meg) ---- Big WMV version (1.7meg)

End Client: Palisades Insurance


bear actor



Ad Critic
#1st Place in February 2006

The hunter becomes the hunted! A role reversal for the Sundance Channel by Phasmatrope Studios (Click for 3m QuickTime Video)


Ad Week

Best Spots, January 2005!
  See the article in Ad Week on Burt's tourism spots!

realistic bear suits
 Burt the Bear - Ursine Ambassador to
Minnesota Tourism

Click for:Don't Hibernate

Ice Fishing (mov)
Art Gallery (mov)
Dancing (mov)
Shopping (mov)
Snowboard (mov)
Snowmobile (mov)
Chow Time (avi)

IMDBBurt co-stars in the German language feature film comedy- "Siegfried", Filmed in Bratislava, Slovakia & released in Germany in '05. Now available on DVD!  

Following are stills and clips of Burt in his feature film debut. Hmm, is that Oscar calling? Client: Constantin Film Produktion GmbH , Munich

View 28meg QuickTime from the feature film


 bear impersonator

The worlds worst Park Ranger & Burt combine to wreak havoc with 2 lovers at a romantic picnic in the woods.

Prod: "Big Robot" Advertising, NYC

View 7m .mpg formatted spot


realistic bear costumes 

Burtrams' 1st still photo shoot
for Avanti greeting card company!

Burtram was caught on film, paw in honey jar, courtesy of Simon Griffiths Photography in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Fortunately for Burt, he got to take home the props afterwards! :-9


bear performer

Burt dives into Piranha Pictures
Kentucky Lottery spot:

"Bearly There"

...for a lucky 'scratch'

View Bearly There spot (QuickTime- .8meg)

bear impersonator
WWF meets Call of the Wild!
What do bears do in the woods? Ask Centaur Creative of Boise, Idaho. (video quality unfortunately poor as source tape went bad)
Click for 5meg AVI video ----- Click for 2meg QuickTime video

 animatronic bear suits

Burt's 1st visit to Vancouver, BC in 2002

to film a spot for Canfisco's GoldSeal Salmon:

View "Bear Heist" (1M QuickTime)

Digging for Grubs (7m QuickTime)

Walking, Scratching (12m QTime)

Bear Suit Quad Walking / Mobility Testing
(Note: this suit does *not* have front arm extensions)

Quadrupedal Movement Example (no audio)

Burt returned to Vancouver for another indie project featuring realistic bear impersonation. Footage is dark- video brightness & contrast must be bumped up to see the action clearly.

Walking and Sniffing (26m QuickTime)

Rolling, swatting at branches (35m QT)

Earlier Quadrupedal Walking Example

Mimicking realistic quadrupedal bear behavior in Alberta, Canada.

Example Clips from miscellaneous video projects

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   1) Burt the Bear after a light rainfall (QuickTime, .7 megs)

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